Samstag, 30. Juli 2016

Component of the month at Art Jewelry Elements - "Out of time" Necklace

I love the blog Art Jewelry Elements and follow it for... let's just say a long time now ;) They have a components of the month challenge where one of the blog team creates a jewelry element and send it to all the others to create something with it.

They also give some components away for the readers with just the one condition: To create something with it and show it at the end of the month. I took quite often part in the giveaway but until now never was lucky. Until now....!

I got a beautiful ceramic pendant made by Lesley Watt from THEA jewellery (you'll find her shop here and her blog here).

It seems that I favor this simple style at the moment. It is not simple in itself, not with the broad variety of beads and materials as well as the rustic and organic appearance. But there is a clear colour scheme that brings all the different materials together as well as a clear size gradient.

You'll find new and vintage czech glass beads, glass beads and chain from old jewelry, some glass beads I found in Barcelona and of course handmade art beads! Maybe you can find sea glass and uglie weenies from Julie Wong Sontag from uglibeads or the crusty little spacer bead from Kimberly Rogers from Numinosity beads? In between there are also bead(s) from Julia Hay, Sue Reynolds and Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens.

Yes, I can tell you the story of every tiny bead in this necklace! They all go together so well with Lesleys stunning ammonite pendant (organic, ammonite, greenish... she definitely made this one just for me! :)).

And now go, please have a look at the other participants and their creations:


12 Kommentare:

  1. Your design is beautiful - such a wonderful combination of beautifully wrapped beads that show off my pendant perfectly...and green is my favourite colour. Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge.

  2. Beautiful design, I love the collection of beads you've used, it looks like treasure from the deep!

  3. Great design! I agree with Caroline, it looks like something you would find deep in the ocean around a mermaids neck!

  4. Claire, I love what you made! I almost made a wire wrapped piece too but went with stringing. I love all your different beads and always love your jewelry! Thanks for playing along!

  5. Wonderful necklace! I love that you hold each bead so close to your heart! It is NOT simple to make such a cohesive and lovely design! Great Job!

  6. Claire- oh my heavens. That palette! I had to zoom in and ogle each bead! Wonderful! Thanks for joining us this month!

  7. What a beautiful eclectic collection of beads and so well thought out! I love your design Claire and even more so because green is my favourite colour too!

  8. I absolutely LOVE this! The bead combinations and colour work is just gorgeous.

  9. This is absolutely gorgeous! I sort of had this idea in mind but am not very good at bringing a large variety of beads into a cohesive design. Lovely piece that goes perfectly with Lesley's focal.

    Thank you for participating in the design challenge and for reading AJE!

    1. I luv how you made a cohesive look using so many different beads. The piece came out beaitifuly.

  10. It is a lovely necklace. I like how you used different beads and yet the necklace looks so together in color and style.



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