Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Inspirations: Strange places (floristic exhibition)

Come inside.

Sorry for my (far too long!) absence. Some days abroad, some pathogens, a lot of somehow missing time... and last but not least a PC and a digi which didn't want to talk to each other anymore.

We visited an exhibition of young florists which gave place to their idea for the advent / christmas season. It is a sale exhibition where all the displayed items could also after the exhibition be purchased.

I only took pictures of the things which I loved so there was a lot more traditional stuff. But also this strange and nearly magical arranged materials in a great old enviroment (even a little bit of steampunk ^^).

Take this one... a true fairy tale! If I ever have a house with garden I definitly will integrate a place like this! The red is the natural colour of the used branches! They are not painted!

The frame was dark red and words cannot describe how beautiful it really was. Look through the hole in the middle: Do you see the little red ball also made out of branches? It hangs in the trees behind the red branches! (By the way this was outside in the garden, not in the building surrounded by living trees)

And walls full with plants which created gorgeous structures! Would have them all in my garden!

And a lot things to make out of branches.. and more branches...!

3 Kommentare:

  1. Amazing!!! I love the crazy thoughts and wonderful strangeness. The walls of plants are my favorite. Happy December! - Mich

  2. Das ist ja cool. Echt schön und ungewöhnlich. Vielen Dank für die tollen Fotos!

  3. Thanks :) I was also really surprised of the beauty and strangeness (and of course coolness!) ^^



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