Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

December cats... is cold.

But my cats know how to use pillows and blankets. They really snuggle under a blanket and love to sleep this way ^^

You always have to be careful to look out for a cat before going into bed!

...sometimes being decorative is more important than being under the blanket...

...but is has to be very cold before Bisu wants to hide under a blanket. Most of the time he sleeps like this!

PS: The three first fotos are from Dean. My third cat Grusel tries to sleep on my lap when it is getting cold. Blankets are nice but why use a blanket if you can use a human insteadt? ^^

PPS: Although it looks like Dean is a short hair cat he really isn't. His hair is longer than 3 to 4 cm, it just lays flat on the body most of the time (same with grusel). But now with the winter coat / under coat the hair goes straight in all directions that is why he sometimes looks like a stuffed teddy ^^

3 Kommentare:

  1. Look hows cute they are among all the textiles! Black cats, bright colors.

  2. Nothing is cozier than cats in your bed... for about 5 minutes until you get so darn uncomfy that you end up sleeping on the couch because a king size bed just isnt big enough for four of them AND you!

  3. Hihi...! My bed is also relly big (1,8 x 2 m) but there seems not much space left ^^ But I am not able to take flight because more important than sleeping on the bed is to snuggle with me (who can resist that?).

    So being on the couch I would end up with all my three little black ones still around me. ^^

    In the summer it is really a little bit too much but now.... it is really cold here! ...the best mobile heaters avaiable!



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