Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Small envelope - a new shape

You remember that I love making envelopes? Just have a look if you don't because I am really into it ^^ Also I once just a little plastic packaging I had as a pattern for my own (just made out of paper insteadt of plastic). I used the same method with this envelope. There was an add supplement in a magazine with a little perfumed paper in it.

I didn't like the scent of the perfume... but loved the shape of the little envelope! So I unfolded it and used it as my pattern to make my own envelope :)

I just marked the outlines and cut it out...

...and folded the paper like the little add envelope.

I glued the backlash on the sideparts with two side adhesive tape.

That really was all. There you go.

The size is 6,5 x 8 cm.

You can now embellish like you want (or not ^^). For the first envelope I used an old stamp, some artistic water colours, an silver pen and of course the beautiful moth (I love it!) from Karen @Graphics fairy. The cool papers are from FarFarHill.

It is really easy to create this little pictures like the moths with adhesive tape, I made the moth some time ago here. Yes, I love stash ^^



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