Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Advent calenders... teasers!

This year four advent calenders (again). As every year a pink one. But this time one only with handmade items. The friend who gets the pink one every year (for some time now, no? I think this is the fourth one...) said that she really loved the earring advent calender I made for my little sister last year. 24 earrings made out of fimo (polymer clay). Due to time issues and lost nerves I didn't make 24 earrings for her this year but some and a lot of other little pink things. The colour was also difficult... 24 pink earrings...? And the whole idea and fun about her advent calender is the "pink". She is no girly but a cool and grown up woman which knows what she wants but still adores pink! Even better... she was not into pink when she was younger ^^ I hope she will like it!

The next one is for my parents with a lot of sweets (really just the ones which are really good no cheap ones...) and sometimes another handmade item. And of course last but not least every one of my siblings get an advent calender!

And hey, no matter how old we all grow, they will get an advent calender from me :) I am twelve years older than my sister and even 16 years older than my brother (Oh, this sounds really like a big difference... but the years are "melting" when we get older). So I started to make them advent calenders. One year it was something like a castle made out of cardboard, boxes and paper where for example you could look under the roof of the tower for the items.

Another year I sewed a big patchwork snake where all the little presents were cliped one. She survived for years in the garden ^^

Or I integrated boxes into a canvas. There was an "Ave Maria" poem written in arabic on it. I just love the beauty of the arabic language (yes, my sister and I learned a little bit. I am often surprised that there is still more left than I thought. Definitly have to start again!)

This years sweets for both of them, some handmade and some bought items added.

And the resolution to start earlier next year! Maybe.. in january? And no, my list is full! ;) Four advent calenders are enough for one person. Especially because there are not only sweets inside!

You see the little paper pieces with the written numbers? Old book pages dyed with a little bit of coffee...!

And some teaser for what is inside...
(Even an advent calender is nicer with a tentacle in it!)

...after the battle... ^^

Yes, there is something to be seen!


  1. What a great big sister! I love the stories about previous advents, the snake sounds cool. Tentacles inside? From the Christmas Octopus? He helps Santa sort the toys.

  2. wow claire! you are such a kind person to give such gifts to all the members of your family! i hope they appreciate the work that you put into these Calendars. They are a lot of work! I only had to make ONE and it took much effort!



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