Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Pink and stamped and made out of felt - coaster

This was in the advent calender of my sister as well as in the pink one which is for a good friend of me (since several years now she gets a pink one ^^). I cut the shapes out of felt (thick ones, 3 mm) with a sharp (paper) knife. Just use a very sharp knife to get good edges! By using a scissor the edges will be a little bit round and rough... not clean.

I used a black stamp which is useable for fabric, wood, etc. I like the little bit fading / shabby look :)

It is an easy and cute project and I think a sweet little "Mitbringsel" (bring-along gift ^^) if you are invited.


  1. These are so very adorable, love them! Thanks, great tip about cutting with a knife. I love the word mitbringsel, I am going to use it now!

  2. LOL Mich... we'll turn you into a proper German!
    When I was a child, my beloved aunt Ruth would visit us every Wednesday, and she always had a Mitbringsel for me in her bottomless bag of wonders. Most of the time two orthree.
    Thangs, Saraccino, for reminding me of this wonderful word... and vielen herzlichen Dank, dass ich jetzt losrennen und Stempel kaufen muss, weil ich diese Idee nicht aus dem Kopf bekommen werde, bevor ich's nicht selber ausprobiert habe. Druck' mir doch mal einer nen Tausender. Von mir aus mit Tentakeln. Hmpf.

  3. I am often using words from different languages if they have a meaning which is difficult for a one-word translation or not really translatable at all (at least without a big explanation following).

    Und ich will auch Tentakeltausender!

    And I am also still thinking about the people I know which may be without coasters still...! Mh... maybe I should just prepare some in different colours so i would always have some mitbringsel for every occasion!



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