Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

Mother-of-pearl earrings and pendant

This were presents for family members. Earrings and a pendant made with mother-of-pearl pieces which were collected from our family on the spanish island Formentera (THE island ^^).

For the ones combined with red beads I used gold-plated metal parts because the recipient is allergic against most other metals (or ingredients in the metalls...).

And the pendant to the earrings with the red beads :)

You see all the tiny holes I drilled through the scallops parts?
I used my dremel for this.

It is still not to easy because the little things are so fragile.
I drilled onto a layer of foamed rubber!

If you try to drill them on a harder surface they will break!

After that I just put a lot of beads next to them to decide which combination I would like.

Glas beads are just beautiful!

I love the silver layer inside!

Now I have to look for new things to drill hole into them ^^ I love that I can now make stuff out of all the little things I find and collect...

Like memory jewellery...

3 Kommentare:

  1. They. Are. Awesome. And I totally share your want of drilling holes into things! There should be a book dedicated to drilling holes into things and making them into other things.
    I love my cheap Dremel- knock off. Oh the possibilities!
    Thanks for the soft surface tip, that is invaluable. The kind of stuff I will keerp on the same mental shelf as chamomile tea for eye injuries and tomato ketchup to clean your brass. If you have any. Which I don't, but I still value the witchy sort of wisdom in it!

  2. Thanks! And I agree to that book, would want to have one too!

    My dremel is one of the things which once having one a living without is no more imaginable!

    I never knew the one with tomato ketchup but I am running in the same problem as you. Don't have any here... ^^

  3. So cute! I love the pendant with the beads hanging inside! Thanks for the idea of foam rubber, I need to try that.



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