Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Obey propaganda - T-shirt

In the advent calender of my little (like my sister not so little anymore ^^) brother there are mostly sweets. Yes, the good ones like Lindt and similar ones. And yes, we are all spoiled in matters of chocolate.

It was difficult for me to find 24 little items to go with the sweets. With my sister (or also the friend who received the pink advent calender) it was so easy. Lots of little cute or girly or funny things... starting from earring to little magnets...

So this year I went for only some items and mostly sweets only but the items being bigger. Like this T-shirt. I cut the picture out of freezer paper, ironed it onto the fabric and painted it over with white fabric paint. It will get really cool as soon as it was washed some times and the white paint get a little bit more washed out (although it is really a good and durable paint... will take some time...).

And I love it. If he wouldn't have liked it I would have taken it back for myself (and just make him a new one) ^^

But for a picture like this it takes so much time to cut out all the details. Mmph... So I guess no one for myself.

I would start using screen printing if it would not be so expensive to start. Once you have most of the materials it is okay... Definitly on my wanna-have-list!

This was my teaser... all the leftovers of the stencil! Little bits of freezer paper...


  1. The T-shirt looks awesome Claire! your brother will love it! Definitely.

  2. Wow, soooo much work. It is amazing looking, I love the black-on-white-on-black!

  3. This reminds me of a zentangle. Great shirt. I not only do not have the patience for this, but my hand is not steady enough to make all of those delicate cuts. I'm glad he enjoyed it! Thanks for linking up to Sunday Art Therapy at Seeds on a Breeze.

  4. It is all about patience and patience... and time... I wouldn't do something like this twice. Somehow I also need new stuff to work with. That is a little bit sad because I also want one! ^^ But one day I'll hopefully have all the stuff to start with silc screens!



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