Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

Peacock's feather earring

This was the little present in Lachafas advent calender today. I made the cane for this earrings already last year as well as earrings for her. They lasted until this year and then she lost one. Because she said she needed new ones because they are one of her favorites (you can only lose earrings you are using ^^) I looked whether I had some of the cane left. Yes, I had! I could never make a new cane like this because most of the colours were mixtures of different polymer clays (fimo and prado) and I never ever can remember what went into. The making of the cane was one of my "I can't sleep and get an idea in the middle of the night" actions and in the morning I was suprised of the cane I made ;)

This time no laquer as finish but my first polishing try with my dremel. I only had the felt polishing tool for the dremel so next time I will try the fabric polishing because the felt is more for the last touch and not for really strong polishing... but the feeling of the polished surface is already so smooth and cool under the fingertips! Love it!

You can see I work with my fingers only to create the shape. I like the little irregularities. For other earrings I roll the polymer clay out and use round cutters but for not for the peacock's feather. I think the colours and design would lose the little special touch.

Here you can see the first ones for Lachafas advent calender 2009 ^^


  1. Die sind ja schön! Besonders hübsch, weil sie nicht 100% wie Pfauenfedern aussehen. aber sie bringen das Pfauenfedern-Feeling perfekt rüber. ;-)

  2. I love them! Very organic and strange and cool.

  3. Thanks :)

    I used loved the combination and especially the contrast in a real peacock's feather and tried to catch it as well as to give it a little bit more of me. Mh.. sounds strange but it is how it works for me ^^

    As soons as I find the feather which was my inspiration (must be somewhere... if the cats didn't catch it...) and will post some pics :)



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