Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Pink volcanic rocks? II

This earrings were also in the pink advent calender. They were made like the bracelet.

I forgot to say in that entry that I drilled the holes after the baking into the beads with my "Dremel". I am in love with this tool! Can one be in love with the own tools? I think if you ever have tried to make good holes into your clay work without destroying the details you will understand me ^^

I already used in for polishing of the peacock's feather earrings (and still have to learn and try to get the desired effect but already great!). Better than any laquer! Okay, you won't be able you use this if the object has a lot of little details but for beads or discs or just everything with a plain surface this gives so beautiful results. Perfectly done with polymer clay it can look like glas. I am not so good at the moment (if you have any advise for me, please! :)) but someday I will. Maybe after the next advent calender ^^


  1. Love the earrings! Yes, I love my dremel tool, so useful for so many things. I should use it more often! Also, it's like a girly tool - my macho husband won't use it, so I have it all to myself.

  2. I'm such a clutz with tools, that my husband won't let me have anything with power! Maybe I can sneak this one in. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Art Therapy at Seeds on a Breeze.

  3. It is really easier than thought. Although my dremel looks like a more "manly" tool in the used colours it is fun and easy to work with. And I can't imagine how I could survive for such a long time without one! ^^



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