Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

Get your own tractor!

This shirts were for a little boy which is the nephew of a friend of me. You see what he likes ^^ The pictures were cut out of freezer paper to create stencils. The logo was relativ easy but the tractor had to be alterated so that most of the pieces were connected to each other.

After that I ironed the freezer paper onto the fabric and put black fabric paint over the stencil. Yes, I wore surgical gloves and painted with my fingers! I am wway more sensitive with my fingertips than with a bigger brush. With a brush I manage to bring paint under the ironed freezer paper but never with my fingers ;)

5 Kommentare:

  1. Cool, ein John-Deere-T-Shirt hat was. Männlich. ;)

  2. Ich bin beeindruckt! Ich hatte keine Ahnung von dem Logo und dem Namen, ehe ich es auf ein T-shirt bringen sollte ^^

    Aber ich muß gestehen, daß ich das Deere Logo selber cool finde! (und pscht... ich mag sogar den Traktor! Hätte ich nie gedacht ^^)

  3. What a great job! I'll bet he was one happy little guy.

  4. I got a sms on christmas eve where the friend told me his nephew liked it ^^

  5. Oh, man, that is cool! My little nephew loves big machines, he would love this, too. Actually, so would I!



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