Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

The crow and all the colours!

My sister asked me whether I could make her pillows as christmas present(s). She know most of the pillows I already made as well as my love for making some (and having a lot of them on my bed!).

The first one is made with one of my crow stencils (have a look here or here). I cut the crow out of freezer paper, ironed this on the fabric and painted it over with fabric paint.

I made a pink crochet border... I like this border and thought it would be funny. A crochet border is a little bit old style but with the colours and the crow it has a more modern twist (at least I think so ^^).

It was hard work to sew with this wool because the needle was not really big enough. My fingertips are still hurting!

Afterwards I added a simple border of double crochet stiches (in german: Stäbchen) with my crochet hook (european size 4).

In made one double crochet stich in every needle stich. Only at the edges I put two double crochet stichtes in the needle stich sites. I just played a little bit until I found out which number of stichtes worked.

Yes, I had some problems catching the real colour... sighs. I haven't seen the sun now for some time and especially pink and violett are difficult to catch for my camera with artifical light. Just you know: The pink is a real pink! ^^

The next pillow was an easy one but I love the colours and the ornament! It was a textile bag I bought because I instantly feel in love with the fabric!

There was not enough green fabric for the back so I added some light blue which corresponds to the blue at the front. I am happy I had not enough green fabric because I love how this turned out! And I used red thread! Just a little touch of another contrasting colour but again: I love it!

And the third pillow: With a lot of circles made out of felt! I don't know how long this will last but I think the look of the pillow is worth a try ^^

I just cut out a lot of little circles, glued them on with fabric glue (never again, it will get a little bit to hard... they said it wouldn't get hard at the store.. sniff... quite happy that  didn't use much!) and afterwards stichted over them. Takes some time but won't be my last one!

It made a lot of fun to arrange all the circles on the fabric. :)

6 Kommentare:

  1. Those are so much fun! I love the crochet border of the first pillow.

  2. Thanks!

    And my sister still wants more, she said this can be an forever ongoing project ^^

  3. Ooh, those are all amazing! The crochet is so cute! The felt circles are really cool and sort of retro, great colors. My favorite is the gorgeous paisley one - the blue and green together are so, so, so pretty.

  4. I love every single one of tem, you are genius! I think my favourite (although it's hard to pick) must be the felt circles, they are wonderful.

  5. Thanks :) The best is to put them all together! ^^

  6. great cushions!! I don't think the crochet border is old fashioned, in fact I just got a book about crochet borders for Christmas and now I've read your post, I might just have to jazz all my cushions up!



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