Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

The crow bag

This is a black cotton bag I made with my latest crow stencil. It was a present (what else ^^). I cut the crow silhouette out of freerer paper with a very sharp paper knife. I got two stencils, the crow itself and the outer part. I used both stencils. Just ironed the freezer paper on a piece of fabric (black dense high quality cotton) and then paint it over with fabric paint.

The pictures are not the best, I nearly forgot to take any at all! ^^

For the quote of Samuel Beckett I also used freezer paper.

The first time I heard this quote was on the conference "25th years of HIV". It was given after a lecture about the latest vaccine trial which didn't functions but gave a lot more insight to the virus and its interactions with the host cells. Therefore even being a failure at this point in the end it may be useful for the research of another vaccine or better medical treatments. Although the quote is not in it's meaning special for scientic reseach it suited at that point...

...and for myself it suits for a lot more in my life. In a good way, after all :)

And last but not least: I like the work of Samuel Beckett!

I hope you get the idea of the little colourful circles. I liked them! The bag parts were sewed together in the end. There are two layers on each side so this is an easy but very durable bag. Perfect for books! ^^


  1. The bag is wonderful! Love the spooky orange-outlined crow. And the quote is new to me, I really like it.

  2. How wonderful! I am a lover of big black birds and inspiring quotes. Just beautiful.

  3. Thanks :) And I am also just in love with crows! The quote itself is one which I try to have in mind in everyday life (I also really like the work of Samuel Beckett ^^).

  4. Great bags! I didn't know you could iron freezer paper to fabric. That's something I will have to try. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Art Therapy at Seeds on a Breeze.

  5. It made my life easier to have this freezer paper. Formerly I used paper stencils and just had to work carefully and fast to get all the paint on the fabric before the paper was too wet... no worries more with freezer paper! Hach... I love this stuff which is nothing special in itself but makes such a huge difference in the crafting in the end!



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