Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

"Tribal dance II" - Earrings

I made the polymer clay beads some months ago. I even wired them up (I know this may not be the right technical term, but somehow it describes perfectly what I was doing... at least for me ^^) and then they waited on my table. I actually have chaotic boxes where I sort my beads / pieces in the different stages of creation. Beads without paint, painted but without lacquer, already started to combine beads/wire them, putting the single items together... up to: Just need an earring hook or clasp added. Would you believe that the last step may sometimes be the longest?


Finally I got some big czech glass bead drops and the black etched glass as well as the size and shape of the beads just complemented my polymer clay beads. They even sold the next day!

(I was tempted to keep them... but since the person fall in love with them, I could give them away :) )


  1. Such a great design!! The size and shape (and color of course) of the glass drop are such a perfect match with your beautiful disks. I'm like you with all the little boxes/piles of things in various stages… You sound a little more organized with them though - I think my biggest pile is the 'probably won't ever get finished' pile ;)

    1. Thank you! :)

      Ehm... no... I am one of the most chaotic persons I know. It is not that I don't like order. In fact I can sort beads for hours and hours (as long as I have enough nice boxes... if I run out, no chance anymore!). But I can't work that way. I am always working on hundred different projects and switching between ideas and media even in minutes ^^ Since I am creating because it keeps me (literally) sane, I allow myself all of this non-focused work. But since I have a lot of stuff... and using most of it so I want to keep it all (fabric, paints, paper, boxes, frames, junk...)... it gets chaotic very fast. I have an extra room (until now, we will see whether this may change this year ;) )... but my partner and I prefer to be in the same room therefor he tolerates my mess in the living room. He also understands that it doesn't make sense to remove it all if I need it the next day again. Thankfully he nearly has no stuff at all so between the two of us we have just a little bit more stuff than most other people.



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