Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2015

Some impression of the pink advent calendar 2014!

Every year again I create a pink advent calendar for a very dear and close friend. Quite often I am missing the right words to express how this person means to me. How thankful I am to have her in my life. How impressed I was and still am that some persons will stay at your side even your darkest moments.

I can't put all of this in words.

But I can create a pink advent calendar! :)

So here we go... some impressions...

Long silver filled wire I annealed, hammered and oxidised to create these long dangling earrings with small gorgeous czech glass drops. 

Yes, quite long but I love the long and slender shape! Still organic ^^

As bright contrast the bright and shiny silver with sparkling pink swarowski beads. Quite easy to make but such a lovely effect.

Especially compared to some of my polymer clay beads with crackles and bumps!

Also at least a teaser because it was dark and there was nooooo way to take a good picture from the wing pendant and necklace *sighs*.



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