Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

On my worktable

Truth is: This was my worktable in 2014. Still it looks quite the same and most of the projects are not finished up until now. Above you see my little soldering set-up (also where I torch fire my bronze clay... in case you wondered why there is such a big hole already in my coal block ^^). I was already getting some experience in metal work when I was in the 9th grade. If you know my blog, I already showed some of my pieces I did then. Honestly? I am more impressed than ever what I did back then!

I already know the theory, I did this internship in the 9th grade as well as a weekend workshop end of 2013 (where did the last year go?). What is missing is the practice and more importantly: The feeling for the material. There is no reading, watching, whatever helping... except for practice. So, I am on my way!

What else: I am playing with chain ideas. More of this the next days, just as a small impression this little chain fragment made with swarowski bicones. I got them from a friend and used them all up. Now I need to get some more. I really like the look and movement this simple chain gets and with the wire wrapping the bicones really looks great. I am not a too big fan of shiny with more shiny things but the antiqued wire combined with the clear sparkles of the bicones is something, that speaks to me.

I am a little bit stuck with this necklace. Even though I already love it! It is a piece of ceramic a friend found at the ocean and gave it to me. I bought the tutorial "Starry Shards" from fanciful devices / Marina but insteadt of making the starry shards I framed/soldered the ceramic piece. The little white bead is one of my polymer clay beads and I also used several glass, stone and metal beads. I just run out of fitting pieces... so I am still incubating ideas in my head how to go on.

The lampwork beads I caught in a facebook auction and are made by Sue Reynolds (aren't they lovely?) and combined them with some hammered wire (silver filled with copper). 

Some more polymer clay beads in various stages of creation. All of them far away from being finished.

But you may already get the organic, rough texture...! 

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