Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

Creating new components - I added more metal to my work!

Some components like these ones you may already have seen in my former blog entries. But I just have to show you my newest ones. Okay, that is not exactly true: The shell and sea urchin I already created some time ago. But they were christmas presents (one for my brother and one for the friend of my sister). Just simple necklaces: The bronze clay pieces as pendants combined with grey waxed linen. 

Next to my dremel for drilling and polishing and so on... I also got the dremel torch! This allows me to actually work with metal clay like the bronze clay (this is a version which works in small pieces with a torch) as well as to solder or just anneal metal.

I need to anneal the metal in order to hammer it again and again... like the long stick-like shape or connectors or whatever they could be. I use them for earrings. The rings are copper wire soldered with silver hard solder since I also want to hammer them. Also you can see the backside of my little bronze clay pieces :)

And just so you can get an idea about the size: My universal ruler - the hand!

Oh, by the way, do you know what "new" tool I discovered? That works perfectly for metal as well as polymer clay? Emery boards for nails! Of course I have sand paper and fabric, polishing cloth and all the same for my dremel... but nothing beat the emery boards in the ease to use and hey, they are not expensive. Maybe after all I even may start polishing my polymer clay beads a little bit more ^^


  1. I also use emery boards for sanding and I use the 4 way nail buffers also as the 2nd grade is great for removing patina off highm spots and it makes buffing things up so easy!

  2. Your metal work is beautiful! I'm sure you will be having a lot of fun with your new tools.



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