Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

"Summer memories" - Earrings

A new pair of my "trash" earrings. No, I didn't call them like this but a customer at the christmas fair did. I was sharing the both with other people (a big both and in total we were six persons!) and every day two of us would be at the both selling the things of every one. Since the fair was going over several days, this was the only chance for all of us to participate. I was there only at the weekend (during the week you can find me in the research lab.. or... to be honest... nowadays mostly at the computer *sniff*). 

I had my first pair of this kind of earrings at the fair... and it seems that someone came back in a hurry (at one of the days I was not here) and ask if they still had the "earrings made of.. trash or something like that...!".  ;) As long as they are loved they can be called whatever they like! (and the material was trash... so yes, they are right... but we all had to laugh) :)


  1. I love these earrings, and I love the idea they are made out of "trash" so it can be recycled into something beautiful.



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