Montag, 19. Januar 2015

"Dark memories" - Earrings

You remember that I told you I won a bead giveaway from Niky? You can find her blog silver niknats here :) 

She included the red facetted beads as well as the black rough big nuggets. Big as in big... the look great but... big, you know? But I thought this was a great challenge... 

I struggled quite a lot but finally got a design together. I soldered and hammered some copper rings and added next to the beads Niky's wire findings. They are quite heavy but still okay. Maybe not for the whole day but easily (for me) for an evening.

I was quite unsure about them. Until I put them on. They look great! Strange that I still not trust my own sense for design but it seems that I have a feeling for balance for actually worn earrings ^^ They grew on me until I really love them now! Weird and bold but still also balanced and lovely :)



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