Dienstag, 20. Januar 2015

"Reminiscence" - Earrings

This is going to be a rather short blog entry (not on images but on text). It is dark and late and I am really tired. Still I wanted to show you some of my newest earrings! The beads are made by Julie from uglibeads (have a look here) and yes, even if she has her etsy shop (here) you may rather be lucky to catch up some of her beads by facebook. But sorry, no chance against me to get more of these etched dichronic beauties (at least I hope so ^^). 

Edit: It seems I put a wrong link to her etsy shop. Now it is the right link. I hope you all went to Julie's blog first and could head over to her shop from there :)

I added some old african beads. They are between 400 to 800 years old. Just a touch to add a deeper story. The bead caps are actually oxidised brass stars. I found a way how to use liver of sulphur with brass! The dangles are cut wire sheet, hammered and oxidised (and polished with a nail board!9

...look at the shimmer of the gorgeous beads!

...and more sparkles... (nearly the same image, I know but I couldn't get myself to delete it)

Originally I wanted to take some pictures before I post these earrings but it seems that the weather report says that the sun won't be seen again soon. Maybe I will add an additional image to show you an impression how nice they dangle and move!

But I was bale to catch the tiny wee green sparkle in the depths of the pink beads!


  1. You are SO talented. I posted these beauties on my FB page and my fans wholeheartedly agree :) All the metalwork is so wonderful. You really captured these beads too, which is not easy. I just made a whole lot more of them, feeling very inspired by your earrings!! xo -- Julie

  2. Du machst nach wie vor traumhafte Kreationen.



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