Montag, 5. Januar 2015

"Ancient stars" - Earrings

Metals included are copper, bronze and silver (finally I also get around at mixing metals more). I used waxed linen to knot my polymer clay beads in some of my hammered wire rings and all of this was done to accompany these gorgeous enameled copper pieces from Kimberly Rogers (Numinosity Beads). She is selling her numisticks regularly (if you are fast enough to catch some) but this shape just rarely if at all. I had a lot of "preciousssssss" moments and the tendency to hide them somewhere. Thankfully I forced myself to use them and they even grow more on me in the finished piece!

The earrings combine a lot of things that speak to me... rough and organic, tribal and edgy, dangling and even a little bit playful...

But now with all the parts being put together they also give the impression of old cave paintings or ancient carvings describing the sun and stars. Every story just grows and is always so much more than the single parts!


  1. I love how you used these and thanks for mentioning the rarity of me letting them go as I am afraid of getting inundated!
    Thanks so much for featuring this pair.

  2. I've never seen Kim offer these for sale, so that was a good score! I'd have been afraid to use them too :) Love what you did with them too. The wheel motif really does have such a primitive, elemental kind of feeling to it.



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