Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

"A Winter's Tale" - Part I - Necklace from an inspiration kit

Okay, I not only have to get used more to create necklaces (my own goal since... let's just say some time but I am working on it!), I also have to learn to take pictures of the finished piece.
Uhm... sounds easier than it actually is. I mean a necklace is big.... long... a lot of stuff... How do you present it? Laying around roundish - you can't see all the details close. Laying around somehow wrapped - you may destroy the feeling of the piece. *sighs* ...and so on and so on...

The solution? An blog entry with way too many pictures. But I just couldn't get myself to edit more. It is also a learning blog post for myself - I will go back and see what image I like the most after some time will have passed.

Let's come back to the necklace itself. It is made from an inspiration kit named "A Winter's Tale". It is a collaboration between Rebecca Anderson (you may now her because I get a lot of my czech glass beads from her as well as an inspirational bead surprise kit every month) from "The Curious Bead Shop", Bo Hulley from Bo Hulley beads who made the focal snowflake bead and Claire Braunbarth (what a cool family name!) from smitten beads. 

I didn't use all beads for the necklace but apart from the matt bronze beads all the beads in the necklace are from the kit as well as the waxed linen cord. I added some bronze links, chain and the said matte bronze glass beads and made a closure hook from copper.

Can you see the tiny wee red beads? They remind me of berries. All in all I really like the necklace and I think I took another step towards getting more comfortable with creating necklaces. After all they are a way bigger canvas for ideas than earrings...

...just that I personally are mostly only wearing earrings. ^^

I also made several earrings, that I'll show you tomorrow. Still need to edit some pictures. Just because I am seeing it nicely in the picture below: I made some knots between the bronze beads at the back of the necklace to create a little pop of colour every now and then. Just to bring it all better together. If it were only bronze it would have felt apart from the rest of the necklace for me. It may be a small detail but this is what makes a piece balanced for me.

By the way... this way the kit! :) Let's see if you can find all the beads used.

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