Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2015

"Carnival" - Earrings made out of tin

The long tin parts were in their first life part of a metal tuna box from spain. Yes, we ate the tuna during our stay on formentera... and I washed the tin and brought it back to germany. Strangely enough but instead of tuna box feeling they are giving me a vintage carnival or circus feeling. 

I combined them with tiny wee beautiful lampwork beads made by Sue Reynolds (you can find her etsy shop here but I snapped this beauties in a lampwork auction fb group :) ). They are a deep purple even if they appear more bluish on the picture. But even with daylight my camera went on strike to capture the real beautiful purple colour.... grrrr....

I tried with different background on my balcony... (in case you wonder about the background) but the red even enhances the blue impression.

The same with a blue background...

My winter pale skin colour was also not helpful...

At least you can get an idea about the length. The tin itself is really thin and lightweight but sturdy and even slightly flexible. Yes, it was expensive tuna... but the tin was so beautiful! (also: This tuna is individual line caught not with a dragnet.. this is what makes the prize so high, not the beautiful tin)


  1. That is the story of my job history beginning to end in one set of earrings. i started in a sardine cannery and ended up making jewelry! I was thinking of making some earrings out of one of the tins from the brand I packed, not quite so colorful but some nice lighthouses on them. Those are super fun pieces, Claire.

  2. clever use of a beautiful tuna tin...I love the fact that they claim that the tune was line-caught as opposed to a dragnet...



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