Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2015

"A Winter's Tale" - Part II - Earrings from an inspiration kit

Here is part II of what I made with the "A Winter's Tale" inspiration bead kit (find part I here also including the links to the pages of Rebecca, Claire and Bo, who put the it together :) ). There were these tiny bird charms included. I liked them, cute as they were, but sometimes even if you like something, it doesn't work out. They had a plain bronze side and one with tiny flower impressions. At first I coloured the flower impressions (you can also see that there is some colour on the bronze links behnd the birds) but still... no... 

I am using a lot of old book pages at the moment to create gift boxes. A lot are already gone... you know, christmas ^^ The pages are really yellowish and fragile but they have the perfect feeling you only get with really old and curmbling paper. So I glued them on the bird, darkened the contour and added protective gloss. Now they are really "me"!

There is written "Kunst" und "Geist" across the birds. That means "Art" and "Mind" in english. The tiny beads just give the right amount of colour. They remind me of berries somehow. I know, I am writing a lot about one single pair of earrings but believe me: I could talk even more about them! I also used some of my first ever made copper ball pins and the ear wires I made from head pins made by Niky from Silver Niknats (her blog is here and her shop here). I won her november giveaway and they were part of it!

Back to business. The next earrings are quite simple but playing around with the beads I had this idea of wire combination/set-up to let them dangle nicely. It worked! I am not sure whether I want to oxidize the copper wire again because it got scratched at several points... or if I like it this way to add more texture and the feeling of something old and worn... not sure yet. 

Can you see how easy this wire connection is? But believe me it creates such movement!

Last but not least I used some of my hammered wire rings and ball pins (please bear with me, still in the phase "Looooook, I made this!") and combined them with the beautiful dark red and black beads.

I added bead caps on both sides to give it a more complete look and maybe even a little oriental touch. 

I don't have size reference pictures for everything but here at least two...

...also with the birds I just want to jump up and down and shout: Look! Look! Look! But this is why I create. It keeps me sane... and gives me moments of pure joy.

PS: In case you are wondering: I am really running to Rumpel every time I create something new, especially if it is something special for me (that can be everything, even a new colour combination).. and then I jump up and down and shout: Look! Look! Look!

You can see that we have a functional relationship because I make him smile every time I am doing this! ;)


  1. What a wonderful idea you had when you put the paper on the birds. All of your earrings are terrific!

  2. What a wonderful collection of earrings! I love all the details and the techniques you put into each. They're all so creative and fabulous!

  3. Love all your wonderful earrings! I especially love how you altered the bird charms with paper.



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