Montag, 1. Juni 2015

After a long time some new polymer clay beads!

A few new beads I made! At first my favorite ones looking dark and organic, with a lot of textured surfaces and pattern. I get better at just letting go and I think this is something I really need to learn more. Because the end result is just "me". 

The grey polymer clay is super sculpey firm. I used some tiny leftovers from Rumpel. I gave him the clay for his sculptures (will show you a new one as soon as it is arriving its new owner ^^) but have to say that I also just love this clay! It is not an easy one to work with if you are used to smooth polymer clays. But it is firm and hold the tiniest details perfectly. For example: I can add texture and roll a bead afterwards in my hand without smashing the details!

The downside: Grey.

But I added some eye powder (pure loose pigment eyepowder, not really cheap but gorgeous colour!) on the surface. It adds a slightly violett-blue shading without adding too much glitter and shine. More like a subtle hint adding depth. 

Maybe in comparison with the polymer clay just combined with acrylic paint on the left. This is the original light grey colour! I also love them with the light grey, but the others I just love!

Next to the organic ones I made some more colourful ones too!

From pink to red... more red...

...and red on blue... candy colour glossy shine pink! They really shine! 

But you know... I have to start the pink advent calendar early enough and christmas is never ever far away ;)

By the way: I started adding stuff in my etsy shop for the first time. It may take some time for me to add more. I thought I should add a lot in the beginning but I realized that I rather need small steps. Addings one item after the other, slowly... but it will grow as sure as my bead stash.

I am also thinking about adding some beads too. Anyone open for super shiny pink? ;)

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