Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

"The hare and the egg" - Showing some of Rumpels work!

I loved Rumpels sculptures way before we two got together. Maybe this already tells you something... (or not... ;)). In the past he made bigger ones, in a kind of wax to allow for a mold and a later casting. I hope he will start doing this again. In the mean time I am sooo happy if the makes smaller pieces (rare enough). 

This one was a commission work for a friend. She wanted a hare. This is his interpretation... with an egg! It is made with super sculpey firm, a polymer clay version that I am loving more and more also for my own work. It is not as easy to work with like other polymer clay version but it holds details just so good! Still not as good as the waxy kind of stuff he used to work with but at least this will be baked and is finished. Also you can put polymer clay in the fridge to cool it down.

Afterwards he painted it with acrylic paints (Reeves) and put all together with a nail and a piece of wood. 

He went for a rather comical approach and I love the exaggerated ears and teeth! 

Our friend already found a small and old drawer as a kind of frame for him. 

In the past I showed already some of his work: Here is another sculpture (in our living room) or some graphics I am using for cards ;) (dipus, MIAU, the LOOK).

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