Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2015

"Urban jungle" - Earrings

Here we go: Movement! They dangle with every step, at every moment like they are dancing! 

Long. Yes, they are really long. Maybe too long for most people but quite often people are also surprised how well and comfortable really long earrings can be!

I got these bronze connectors from a friend a long time ago. I loved their shape and pattern but they were too uniform for me. But now with a little bit of vintaj patina added, they are beautiful!

I used them as a guide for my colour scheme. Bronze and copper, shades of green, blue and brown with some clear accents in between. Earth colours, combined with a long and dangling style, these earring have a tribal feeling. 

Just so you get an idea how long they are as well as how beautiful they move! Since all the parts are seperate links made with copper wire, the long dangles are not stiff at all. 

If you are tempted to have them all for you, they are here in my etsy shop (which I am still building up). .)

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