Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

Dragon blood - Dark dragonfly earrings

"You know, there is a reason why dragonflies are named after dragons. 

A simple drop of dragon blood hold magical powers. The moment it falls it crystallizes, becoming a beautiful jewel. More rich and deep in colour than anything else. If you look deep inside you can see it glowing and maybe, if you are lucky, even feel the steady heart bead of the majestic creature. 

Because no piece of a dragon ever loses its connection. The blood of the heart will always be part wherever it may be. And through the blood comes the magic, the power. A drop of blood can never be forced. It has to be given: For a tale or a task, for boldness or love.

It was and is always the magic of the dragon that speaks to the dragonflies. It whispers to them, calls them. Wherever the dragons go, they follow. Wherever dragons fly, you will find them. 

And deep down, everyone knows it. Because if a dragonfly comes close to you, the world is shifting. You hold your breath, try to hold onto the moment at the same time. Just to see behind the curtain into the beauty of the world a little bit longer."

(You may also find them here :) )

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