Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

"Gloriously Summer" - Bright and colourful and dangling earrings!

I love this time of the year. Summer is finally coming (yes, a little bit late around here). It is my favorite time of the year. 

There is a certain fragrance in the air, just lightly but it tells you summer is coming. With all its warmth and light, with all its bright colours and long days, with the ease only summer can bring. 

Summer is for me all this, colours and light, endless long days and wonderful warm nights, music and dance, the world around us alive in a dark and rich green.

There are downsides. If it is really hot and humid and you don't want to move anymore, can't anymore! But every season has its downsides and the bright ones are so worth it! 

The ease of life. Troubles seem less and smiles come easier. Just magic, just summer, gloriously summer!

I tried to capture all of this in these little bright and dangling earrings! The middle beads are lampwrok beads made by Sue Reynolds. I combined them with new and vintage czech glass beads, with oxidized copper,... you may also find swarowskis or old indian silver beads. 

Oh yes, I need to make more of them! 

I also listed them in my shop here :)


  1. Antworten
    1. Thank you! And quite small compared to my normal work ;) I just love the small beads from Sue (the shape, the size and all the colours!) and they make the earrings special for me.

  2. hüüüüüübsch !!! alle haben wollen !!!

  3. I love these and totally agree - life is a little lighter in summer! Looking at all the colors in these reminds me of going to my favorite Folk Music Festival... all the sights and sounds... pure happiness :) -- Julie

    1. Thank you Julie! And also thank you that I am not the only one having so many sensual impressions in my mind just seeing beads or jewelery! ;)



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