Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

"Black wings" - Earrings

Sweet little dangling earrings, I am trying my best to create earrings that are me but may also be a little bit smaller. In the last time I tend to make really long earrings. I love that and also wear really long earrings but they are not for all. So here we go with little black butterflies!

The butterflies dragonflies (somehow I got stuck on butterflies, sorry for that ;)) are brass stamping that I oxidised with liver of sulphur (yes, it is tricky, but I got the trick now... in about 50% of my tries ;)). The ear wires are made from oxidised copper ball pins I made.

The tiny lampwork beads just add a touch of colour: Dark and still bright red! They are made by Michelle Bryant.

They are sweet and still dark and a little bit rustic and... sweet! Okay, it is early in the morning, still drinking my first coffee and in my head it makes "awww...." seeing them, so I just keep repeating myself because nothing more intelligent comes out of my neurons right now ^^

I still have to think about a surprise for my first shop customer (there has to be one that is for sure!). I also added these black butterflies dragon flies to my new etsy shop here. 

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