Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2015

"Uliginous dreams" - Earrings

Uliginous dreams may sound strange, but seeing these earrings there are so many images coming up in my mind. The dark mood inside the swamps, all the lush growth of plants, the humid air, the air filled with natures own flavour, the strange mixture of flowers and decay, the water with all its life in between, overgrown and hidden. 

There is life everywhere. There seems to be movement around you, but as soon as you try to have a closer look, it is hidden again. 

The earrings jingle while moving, a light and playful sound. Something to lure you in, to tempt you to go deeper inside. 

The enamel metal pieces are tintins made by Kimberly Rogers from Numinosity beads. I love them and struggled a lot if I should really use them together with the brass toads. But nothing else seemed right, nothing except this combination. I oxidized the brass toads to get this dark brown to black surface. The earwires are made from oxidized copper.

And in case you are curious: Have a look at the back! You can see how all the little chains are attached. There are a lot of different chains, all of them upcycled from old jewelery (from the stash Rumpels mother gave me). 

Combined with czech glass bead drops. Julie (from uglibeads) send me some glass etching solutions to play with and see if I need it (the answer is yes! Thank you again soooo much Julie!) and I used it to get these matte glass drops. The clear ones would not have been fitting for my feeling of deep hidden swamps. 

I am just in love and enchanted by these earrings! The movement, the sound, the colours... and most of all, the hidden stories!

 If you want them, you can get them here in my shop :)


  1. Okay, these might be my favorite earrings of yours ever! What cool creatures, I'm so in love with the blue with the very dark patina.

  2. Ooh, I didn't know that the etching solution was responsible for the perfect finishing touch on these Uliginous beauties... (which I admit my eyes did read as Uglinous at first - I think I'm hardwired that way)... I am excited about the new etching possibilities for you - it totally changes the look of things. I also think the toads were a perfect choice.



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