Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015

"Gothica" - Earrings

Again... earrings that are difficult to capture on photos. Or rather to capture their movement and beauty!

The earrings have such a beautiful dark and romantic feeling. The dark oxidised copper and brass looks old and work like they were hidden somewhere for a long time. An old treasure found again...

The lampwork headpins are made by Julie Wong Sontag from uglibeads. She always leaves the wire really long so I could make the hole loop out of it and wrap it around the glass too. Just for the sides I added some more copper wire to balance the whole look.

The headpin moves freely below the dark flowers. As you may already know: I love dangling earrings!

See how the wire part inside the glass seems to glow? It is the same red copper like the middle of the flower and next to the purple and dark copper, it really seems to glow from inside!

Maybe you noticed: I finally started to fill in my etsy shop (took me long enough, I know... put since I don't know when I will find some time for the next market, it was long overdue....!).

You can also find these lovelies there!

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