Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

"Purple wings" - Earrings

Okay, just as a warning: In this blog post are way too many images from the same earrings. Always the same... just maybe a different ancle or whatever. I was just not able to edit them any further. After some struggling I thought: Why not? It is your blog. Don't waste too much time with editing if you could otherwise create something new. 

Also add a warning, here it is ;)

The lampwork beads are made by Julie Wong Sontag from uglibeads (I always want to write Sonntag being german ^^). Lovely shades of colour, yet subtle and with a certain amount of playfullness...

...they were just waiting for the wings to be! I started my first etching trial this year since the temperature go up. You may remember by necklace from the Swap 'n Hop Blog hop (have a look here) with the butterfly. I made several and under one butterfly there was an airbubble and I just had part etched. 

I cut the butterfly apart and cut out the useable parts thereby craeating these small wings. 

They go so perfect together... what would I have done without the airbubble? ;)

And both earrings and lampwork beads a little bit more in detail :)


  1. Die sind richtig schön... ich mag viele Fotos und freu mich, wenn ich mehr Details oder andere Frabwirkungen sehen kann! =)



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