Dienstag, 5. Mai 2015

"A delicate affair" - Earrings

My work speaks to a lot of people but you know how it is, not every size and style is for every person. So even if they are drawn to my work, they don't find something fitting. The two missing "parts" in my work are smaller and more filigran earrings and more wearable pieces for men. 

Especially my organic and more tribal pieces are loved by men (and hey, I was told a few ago by a man that this year jewelery for men is really THE thing ;)). But most my pieces are a little bit too much for them to actually be worn. I am thinking about this because I don't create just to sell. That is not me. But the idea that someone would love to wear my work and just needs it a little bit more wearable for him... mh... that could be an interesting challenge!

A good friend (and one of my best customers also ^^) tells me for years I need more pieces that could also be worn by men or are even made for men. She just laughed when I told her that my hairpins with polymer clay skulls were mostly bought by men to be used as tie pin!

While the "men" challenge still has to wait, I got the opportunity to create something smaller and more delicate. Rumpel's mom gave me a lot of old jewelery to take apart and reuse the single parts nd there was a chain just shouting to become earrings!

So the wire and the filigree piece belong to the same chain and I just oxidised them and added small czech glass bead drops! Surprisingly both of them also sold at the first market. The were bought by the same person because she couldn't decide on a favorite. During her struggle I decided to give them to her for a better price. Something I a not doing normally (my prices are really at the lower line, anything lower would not be right) but if I see someone struggling and still loving my work... it is sometimes just the right thing do to. 

One time I did this with a student who really didn't had the money for two of my earrings and also couldn't decide. She asked me if I could put them away for two hours. I did and she came back and had decided to buy both. You could see that it was not easy for her to pay for this but she had fallen in love with both pairs. She gave me the money and somehow this made a  difference for me. She didn't want to bargain, she was willing to pay the full price, she was just struggling at the amount. So I also gave her a better price.

It made her day. It made my day. :)


  1. I really love these earrings SO much. But I love what you've written even more. We all need to let our intuition and generosity lead us to good places more often. You have the loveliest, kindest heart and your beautiful creations are all the more beautiful because of it. xoxo Julie

  2. Beautiful creations. very delicate... love the wire wrapping on the earrings.



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