Montag, 4. Mai 2015

"Western tribe" - Earrings

The glass bead headpins are made by Julie from uglibeads (you can find her at her blog, shop and on fb). They look beautiful but I also knew just seeing them for the first time, that they would be a challenge for me to use. Not a big one, but still, they went to a more yellowish side. But also dark and organic, so this side fits my style.

Forgive for all the images, it was just impossible to edit and cut any more ;)

Julie left the wire on the headpins really long (thank you for that!) and I used the wire to create the beaded ring. Yes, just the earhook is attached, the rest is really just one piece! The turqouise glass beads are some of my favorite ever and belong to a really old stash from me. I use them regulary but are already afraid if the moment they are gone.

I added tiny bone beads. I got them from old jewelery from Rumpel's mom. There is nothing like taking old jewellery apart to create something new from the components. 

At the end it all looked good but something was missing. I tried a lot of different things just to realize that even if the creme and turquoise go beautifully with the lapwork beads, a real connection was missing. You have bring all component of a design together, something that give the connection. In this case it was to take the red from the bead and repeat it again with some waxed linen. It actually was coincidence that I had the perfect colour at hand. The last curious kit I got from Rebecca (The Curious Bead Shop) was called "wonder woman" and had this red waxed linen inside! 

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