Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Inspirations: On the streets (Hasselt, Belgium)

I was a few days in Hasselt in belgium. It was a symposium for an EU-consortium and I was invited to give a talk about our research. Hasselt is a small and so far I could see a lovely town. 

So far I could see... because I mostly just saw the lecture rooms and the university inside. *sighs*

But one evening I took the chance to at least go a little bit around. Everything was already closed (they close their stores at 6pm... that is no time!) but I had the chance to take some great streetart pictures before it was to dark!

I just love the cat image. Look at the deatils! Sadly seeing it now I see that it actually already was a little bit too dark for my camera.

Still, beautiful! And: How many other animals can you find?

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