Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Water and dragonflies!

I already made these earrings last year but never took any pictures. In fact I stored them soooo well, I just found them now. I experimented with all available textures I got, my own molds and stamps, some metall charms (the dragonflies), other random stuff, that I all pressed into the surface. While the polymer clay was still unbaked (Fimo classic) I brushed some silver eye shadow powder on top. I just found some colours from the eye shadow powder (the sell it so you can make your own eye shadows), but the  are beautiful, sparkling, very fine powder (reminds of mica powder) and... cheap! 

After baking I added a lot of layers (also like always... somehow...) of acrylic paint (Reeves). Last but not least: A thin layer of liquid fimo! After baking I use five to six layers of shiny gloss to get the glas like effect. 

The effect is really great! 

A little note to liquid polymer clay:

I know that there are many tutorials just heating the baked liquid polymer clay with a heat gun to get it shiny. Please don't do this. You overheat the polymer clay and the fume (you will smell it!) you create is highly toxic! And even working outside, you will breath some of it in if you don't have a real gas mask. I am a scientist, working in a research lab... I already come in contact with a lot of not really healthy stuff on a daily basis that I can't avoid. But I try to avoid as much as possible, especially outside the lab and especially what I know to be highly toxic and cancerogen. 

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  1. Great earrings!!!I like it so much-good job!
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    hugs from Greece!



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