Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Strings and loops - use your yarn for earrings

There is nothing as good as fast and easy little projects. Okay, skip the fast. They are not fast to make. But still an easy and good project to take with you. Rumpel found some cheap and furthermore discounted jewelery in our supermarket. Knowing me (or rather even knowing me? ^^) he showed me the offer. The earring loops were only 59 cent (euro cent, not us cent) so I took some with me. 

I had a lot of embroidery yarn / thread at home, chose some colour combinations I liked and just wrapped the loops with them. The open ends are wrapped under the yarn, just for the end I made a knot and secured it with some glue. 

My sister Lachafa used this technique to cover her ear plugs with yarn (have a look here). Later she gave them away to our brother because he also love them. Just wrap whatever you like, secure the end of one yarn under the wrappings of the next one.

And if you don't like it anymore: Cut it off!

The original earring loops... and yarn...

I could also image to use different colour combinations for each ear. 

By the way... the even reduced the leaftover jewelery down to 29 cent. I bought 17 earring loops, all that I could find! A lot of them are smaller loops, but I think that will also look nice with yarn... or polymer clay...?

For the readers speaking german: I linked up to frifris blog! Mh... even if you can't read german, have a look at the blog and the linked blogs. They have a topic each months playing with fabric. The topic of july was threads. Seeing a necklace at Nahtzugabe also made by wrapping something with yarn I thought my earring would fit in and asked whether I could join this month :)

Per Zufall bin ich beim Blog Nahtzugabe über frifris "Stoffspielereien im Juli: Fäden" gestossen. Bei Nahtzugabe kann man eine Kette mit "Garnumwicklungen" und ein Makramee-Armband sehen. Ich fand, daß paßt perfekt zu den Ohrringen :) Deswegen hatte ich angefragt, ob ich diesen Monat auch bei den Stoffspielereien mitmachen kann... selbst wenn es eben mit Ohrringen ist! Hier könnt ihr die anderen Spielereien sehen.

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  1. this is such a good idea! I think I am going to try it, but I don't have that type of thread. I am stopping in from a link up party! I am kasey from I always try to link up at partys. Glad I found your blog today



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