Sonntag, 14. Juli 2013

Sparkling! - Make your own earrings studs (without any challenge ^^)

Okay, it is sunday. Here comes one of my fast little projects.

There is nothing special about it: Just easy and fast with a beautiful result! Perfect to make together with friends and family, teeny girls or people who say the can't craft at all (but love the results).

I have to admit: You need to buy the basic earring studs, the fitting glas cabochons and some sparkling colour (or paper or in my case just pure nail polish is needed). And don't forget the glue!

Can you see the gorgeous colours and all the sparkle?

It was really hard to catch all the shades of violett and blue with the sparkle in a picture. Still even more gorgeous in real life :)

What you need:

- earrings studs (I used the smallest available fitting for 8 mm cabochons)
- fitting glas cabochons (as said 8 mm)
- nail polish (or other colours / glitter / paper)
- glue

I also preffered the antique bronze over silver. The small cabochons are too cute. I will use them also with polymer clay. 

These are my nail polishes. Summer attack from P2 in 040 Hot berry and 010 flirtin' purple (I need all the other colours but coulnd't find them anymore... they were a limited edition I just found during the sale... if anyone has the palm tree green, please, I want it!) and from chanel 529 graphite. 

I get a chanel nail polish as a birthday present for some years now. Always with the special colour of the year. I love all the colour even if I just use it during holidays in the summer time. Working in a lab makes the use of nail polish at a every day basis impossible (the desinefction kills every polish... and also my nail ^^).

Now for the (short as possible) tutorial: Paint the back of the cabochons with the nail polish, let them dry and glue them into the earrings studs. Finished.

Nothing special but it makes fun to create them and they are really a perfect project to make together with others especially people not so used to create / make things.

I also looked around for beautiful paper and the effects I would get with my glas cabochons. I found some advertisement for chai tea...

The faces would look so weird! I am thinking about combing them with polymer clay...

...of course, always a favorite everywhere, letters...!

Now back to the studs: In red-orange-gold (hot berry) and silver-grey-green (graphite).

And my favorites: Blue-violett-purple!

Yes, a lot of pictures... but I already deleted quite a lot!



  1. Oh, die sind ja total schön! Ich fürchte, da muss ich die nächsten Tage mal einkaufen gehen. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass es solche Glassteinchen auch zum Schmuckbasteln gibt.
    Und außerdem sind die beieden P2-Lacke toll. =)

  2. Die orangen sind ja auch klasse geworden! Aber die violetten haben so richtig was vom Sternenhimmel. Wunderschön! :)

  3. Great simple project! The fingernail polish becomes so deep and dreamy. The bronze finish is beautiful.

  4. Where can I find the earring studs?



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