Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

Koffermarkt - take your case!

Or in my case: My box. A "Koffermarkt" is a faire or market where all people show their goods in a suitcase or trunk. Or... a big cardboard box! I asked if that would be okay because I don't hase any cool old vintage trunk. Just small modern samsonite that I can take inside a plane to be faster... not good for a faire ^^

The evening before the market Rumpel drove me to Ikea where I bought the cardboard box. Back home I took a big cutter and a lot of silver tape... 

...have a look at my finished box! (and please ignore the background... ehm...)

The stuff inside are the things I am already using at markets. Stuff I collected or made over time. 

I included a card holder at one side...

The lid is taped to the box creating a (surprisingly!) stable hinge. I used some cord so it will stay in place after opening. It goes slightly backwards because I don't want the lid to fall forward after I put all my stuff in it. can see how much tape I used! And yes, the lid close easily... and the hole box is in fact still working after being closed! I also stored all the decoration and the earrings inside for the transport. Nobody was more surprised than me that it actually worked on soooo many levels ;)

The bird was from my picture wall at my former apartment. I glued a little cardboard stripe to the back and now I can attach it with a cloth peg at the open lid.

The bird was a printed vintage picture (I believe from Karen at graphics fairy), glued on stable cardboard, cut out... and I painted the edges and also enhanced some colours on top. 

I attached some plastic mesh with pins to hold my earrings. The red mesh comes from a onion...

...the yellow from potatoes. I also like to use this kind of mesh to create patterns with polymer clay.

Some rubberband in a normal picture frame.... Nothing faster to make (and redo!) than this!

I found the etagere (three tier tray? I don't know the right english term) at a flea market. So nice to hang and show earrings.

...and I always forget to take pictures from the earring studs I make. They sell really fast so I have somehow to manage this in the future ;)

A closer look at the potatoes mesh I pinned inside the lid (I removed all the mesh before closing because the pins go through the cardboard).

Oh, and the cream background is fabric I also bought at Ikea (1 euro per 1 m...). It is glued on with double side tape. Now I just realize that I also should have taken a picture with the box closed so you can see that it is still working as a box. Next time! :)

Here it is inside the shop that organised the"Koffermarkt" in front of an old ceramic oven.

The market was not a big success in term of sales. Not too many people found their way to us. But I meet very interesting persons, got a lot of coffea, sect and cake, bought gorgeous cards (I love to send postcards) from artist selling there and... last but not least (or to be true, this was the best of all): I made this box! The idea came up to my mind and it all worked out! I was smiling the whole evening (after crafting. Rumpel was already sleeping, so the first thing I did in the morning was showing him the box... yes, the first thing! He did not even get a chance to go to the bath room before!) and was smiling even more at the market because it worked so great!

Such strange things that can make one happy from time to time.

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  1. It's amazing! I love the mesh panels, what a cute cute way to add display space. So much visual interest everywhere!

    Now, what is sect?



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