Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

Silver - Blue - Leaves

Another variant of my new molds made with leaves and other plant parts (to see the other earrings as well as my mold making process, have a look here). This time I used a blue fimo effect colour (one of their new jewelery colours). Of course, you don't see a lot of it anymore but it still gives a slightly transparent effect. You rather see it if it is missing (I hope you know what I mean). 

I used acrylic paint in dark grey (from Reeves, my new favorite colour for getting antique and aged effects, better than black because it is not so bold) and brushed with my finger tips silver Inkagold (Viva) on top. While the acrylic paint from Reeves would adhere perfectly after curing, you have to add a protective layer for the inkagold. I used shiny gloss. Also you have to be careful adding the gloss / lacquer because the Inkagold is watersoluble. Not the biggest problem if you carefully add one layer add a time but I just wanted to let you know before you try it and ruin your result. Even with this drawback I want to use the Inkagold because the metallic effects are so beautiful. There is no other paint I tried (from acrylic to renaissance wax to lacquer, last one NOT suitable for polymer clay... sighs... I had to learn the hard way...) that sparkles so great in the sunlight. Sadly my camera as well as my camera skills are not good enough to capture it. 

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