Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013

Flowers and leaves - earrings and dolls

One of my new molds (have a look here): Flower / Leaves earrings! I used this mold below. With my pasta maschine (set up at 4 or 5) I got thin sheets of transparent polymer clay (fimo effect). I used aqua acrlyic colours, acrylic paint (Reeves) and Inkagold (Viva) for the colouring.

Before I press the clay into my mold I either brush baby powder / talcum powder on top of the mold or the polymer clay sheet. For this effect I prefer to put it on the clay... be able to cut the clay. I just cut the polymer clay with a normal scissor! I follow the shape of the leaf and then curl the single parts carefully with my fingers. 

Here another project I am working at: My flower / leaves head! I want to paint it... but I am a little bit afraid it will go wrong. I know, stupid, if this happens: Try again and/or paint again! But... still.. ehm...

The head was made with a staedtler mold and after baking I added one leaf after the other. Here the finished look after baking.

I added a silver tube bead in the back. I cut the fimo with a scalpel and then with a little bit transparent fimo and a lot more of liquid fimo fixed the bead. You don't see it at the front.

Sorry, I couldn't decide on the pictures... so I share all the different viewpoints!

I am making more doll heads right now, also some hands, arms and legs... some are dreamy like this, others are a little bit more strange, steampunky or even creepy... 

Now I just have to add colour... 

Back to the earrings for a direct comparison: The also were made with transparent fimo and looked like the flowers / leaves on the head before I painted them! 


  1. Wow - the earrings are beautiful and so delicate. Double, triple, quadruple WOW - the head is so cool and gorgeous and weird. I love it in its transparent state, but can't wait to see the painted version.

  2. I love your earrings, Claire, but am slightly distracted by your other project. I have the molds with which I used to make dolls and now I am inspired to dig them out and experiment. Your Fimo has a nice luster; I think I am going to try it out (I work primarily with Kato and occasionally Premo). Thanks for all the inspiration!

  3. I've just spent 2 hours on your blog! Did a Google image search for stencils and happened to click on your bare tree.. little did I know what goodness awaited me here! I have a few face and skull push molds (made by Etsy crafters of polymer clay) and tried homemade paper clay in them which turned out great! The paper clay dried quite hard and bone-like.

    Seeing this translucent face with the delicate leaves...oh my... it is so beautiful. I added you to my Bloglove list and can't wait to see how this one turns out.

    All of your work has the qualities I find most pleasing-- forms from nature, aged and weathered colors, uneven surfaces, thin and delicate lines... I could go on & on...

    Thank you for sharing how you make them!



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