Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Big ones.. big words...

The earrings are rather big but I love the bold dangling polymer clay beads combined with the also bold and sparkling glas beads. The original colour of the polymer clay I used (Fimo effect) was a kind of rose (rose quartz). I just added a lot of layers of paint: Dark grey for enhancing the stamped letters (Reeves) and Green-gold Inkagold (Viva). I am not sure if I used more (I think this was the case), but to be honest, I can't remember. The painting process is a rather organic process, I have all my colours around me and just try a little bit of this or that to add... sometimes I remove it again... 

The stamp as bought in south korea... and the text doesn't make any sense (you can see it also in cards you can buy there, really cute and see but their english or french is rather unique ;) ). But I like the single words and phrases I get after stamping at random places and the size if perfect. ^^ 

I took these earrings with me to the last two fairs I participated in... (the last two weeks and the only two I attended this year) ...but I am still tempted just keeping them for myself!

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  1. The color is amazing! I love the large size. What a fun stamp to find in Korea!



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