Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

Random pattern - try it all on one

This one is simple. Or not. May depend on the viewpoint. I also already made these earrings last year and just forgot to take any pictures. I made some simple disks by hand with polymer clay (this time I can't remember whether I used fimo classic or soft because at that time I was still using my leftovers from fimo soft). Then I just took randomly any of my structure stamps or pattern stamp laying around (uhm... yes... like I wrote it... laying around... everywhere...). I used black acrylic paint from reeves to set the contrast with the structures and several layers of shiny gloss. 

They are beautiful in their worn, nearly broken look. Sometimes it is good to look back at older creations. Sometimes to see how much one evolves... sometimes to see where I already took it a step further... and just forgot about it ;)



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