Montag, 1. Juli 2013

From the lab... to earrings!

I really love this pattern! The circles and pointed squares, the deep impression I got in the polymer clay (as always: Fimo classic). The mold or stamp (or texture plate ^^), whatever you like to call it, was something I found in the lab. It was part of the boxes our filter pipette tips are coming in. On the top you don't see it but I needed a box so I took the "holder" platic part out of the box... 
(in the picture below, for two different filter tip sizes)

...and then I saw this! Can you see the pattern? I loved it at first sight and had to try it...!

I really like the results I got. Here a long oval shape in blue, turquoise and grey...

...or these earrings, reminding me on little ceramic tiles. I also made some with white clay and different colours on top, just need to take pictures ;)


  1. I love it when textures are right under our noses, Claire!

  2. These are great! Oh I want a few pairs of those. I have never worked with clay before but I have been dying to!

    I hope you link up with us this week at

  3. It would make a great 'mystery thing' challenge. Beautiful and clever.

  4. I am new to reading your blog, so do not know your history. From this post, I see that you work in a lab. I also work in a lab as a Med Tech Are you a tech too?

  5. What a fun texture that made, love them!

  6. Thanks for showing us "behind the scenes" for this week's reveal. So cool to see where the texture came from. I'm particularly fond of the first pair!



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