Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

Bay Moon Design - Kathy Lindemer - My partner in the Swap 'n Hop from Bead Peeps!

All images show jewelery made by Kathy from Bay Moon Design :)

I am participating in the Bead Peeps Swap 'n Hop. Yes, I love bead exchanges, challenges and fixed deadlines! Not that it is easy for me to keep the last one... but no chance at all without one!

My swap partner is Kathy Lindemer from Bay Moon Design (and before you go on, you can find her blog here and since I am showing you her work here, go over to her shop here if you want to claim some of her work fror yourself :) ).

That was really a great surprise because she is not a stranger! We are both reading each other blogs for some time now. She is commenting on my blog entries quite often and you have to know, I am a sucker for some feedback and comments! Quite often she just made my day with her lovely comments! Now, what you should now: While I am loving comments, I am guilty of not commenting myself so much. But just to make clear: I am reading every single blog entry from you Kathy! :)

She already wrote her blog introduction for me: Uhm... now I am blushing! But I think I can try to blame it at the cold weather? Or so? ;)

I enjoy reading blogs and while a lot of people tend to neglect their blogs and/or change to fb, instagramm or other social media, there is just something special in blogs. Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy the fast answers and images fb offers, together with news, giveaways and bead auctions. But it is mostly superficial and extremly short lived. A blog shows you more of the person behind, their ideas, motives and inspirations. A lot of people start their blog soley for advertisment or just to try blogging without any real motivation for writing. I think that this are also the reason why so many blogs are short lived. Kathy is the opposite. She is not only showing her finished pieces but also shares her ideas, her travels and (what I really like) her experiments!

If I would have to describe her (just knowing her online, her work and her writings), I would describe her a curious and creative person who also has a need to experiment and to grow. Examples are her use of new ways to colour metal or start making her own findings for her jewelery (just you know, I blame her for tempting me to bu so many vintaj patinas!). She is also challenging herself quite often, her participation in this one just being an example, by taking part in a lot of blog hops, designing for Z-net show as well as organising new challenges herself.

Kathy also won one of my blog giveaways (some time ago already :)). Therefor I can even show you some of the pieces she made using some of my polymer clay beads! Please bare with me, I am just always curious what people create with my beads and wanted to share this with all of you (by the way Kathy: I send you beads from different artist, but... of course... there may be also some of my own included. But I don't think this may come as a surprise ^^).

I am not sure how to create a real challenge for Kathy since she enjoys working with so many different colours, bright as well as soft one, shiny as well as matt, wire, fabric, thread.... But this is my personal challenge.

Thank you Kathy for being my partner in this challenge!

PS: I think Kathy may have a preference for shades of blue, turqouise and green! Just having a closer look at her work again ;) Could be due to the ocean before her door....


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