Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

On my worktable - Polymer clay meets metal

The polymer clay cabochon is made with a mold I made from an old and broken button (this is why the edge is missing, I like it this way!). Just white polymer clay (not fimo classic but fimo professional now) and paynes grey acrylic paint (Reeves). 

I am also still learning (the classical way - by trying and failing ^^) in regards to metal work. The theory is no problem, I also had a little bit of practice but I still need to get a feeling for the material and all the techniques involved. I know this will take nothing but time and play! Despite all the grumpy and growling and highly frustrated moments, I enjoy to play and to see how I am evolving. 

This pendant has a lot of flaws like too much solder and overflown and a little bit bumpy solder. I filed down a lot but not all because I wanted to keep some roughness (now I play the "it-was-all-part-of-the-plan-card"). It was not part of the plan but I just kept going. The organic form actually was part of the plan to go together with the broken button cabochon. 

The bezel part was pickled after soldering and oxidized with liver of sulphur, the filing and polishing part was done with nail files (and to think how long I bothered using sand paper only) and coated with Renaissance wax.

You notice all the holes ready to create necklace with an extreme high dangliness factor?

Looking at the pendant I see where my balance is still missing. I also think I should have added a lot of tiny metal balls to set accents. But I don't have metal balls here and this was meant as a learning piece.

I like it :)


  1. I am impressed with both items that you made and then combined....

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