Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

On my worktable: Tins to pendants... (and maybe some day eben in finished necklaces)

Seing my blog entry with my tin earrings claiming that I used my leftover tin pieces... you may have wondered leftover from what or... just these tiny pieces? (speaking of the tuna can tin only) I also made a pendant and a bracelet bar. The tin in the picture aboce in from a black tea can...

...and the tin with the flowers from an unknown but already rusty tin. 

I also want to use one of the bitter lemonade bottle caps as a pendant insteadt of using them in earrings. Sadly here in germay most tuna cans are not as beautiful as the spanish ones (and also I just want to buy the resposnible and not net caught tuna) and... there are no new tea cans anymore! They now have fany packages, beautiful designed but... but... not made out of metal anymore! When did this happen? Where do I get more beautiful cans/tins now?

Of course they are now all in the box with my ongoing projects. ^^


  1. You find the best metal to work with! You have a great eye.

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