Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015

"Winter leaves" - earrings

The leaves are made with polymer clay (fimo classic, white) and I made them already a long time ago. Long as in 2012 before Rumpel and I moved together. I have to admit I also already made these earrings some time ago (but far away from the creation date of the leaves ^^) and the only part missing was to work harden the ear wires. Such a simple and small step and it took forever... the liver of sulphur bath was quite fast done, as well as the light polishing (I didn't want a too shiny look) and the protective coat with renaissance wax.

There are two pairs. The beads are all czech glass beads I got from Rebeccas "The Curious Bead Shop". I am especially dran to the clear facetted beads. They look like drops of frozen waters, small pieces of ice above the winter leaves glazed with frost.

For one earring pair I used the combination with these tiny dark red beads with a picasso finish. They remind me of the last berries in winter time, even being so tiny they add the last bit of colour in a landscape only consisting of white, grey and black.

The same idea I had with the green facetted beads: Hints of moos growing on the trunk and branches of the tree.

Okay, in the end they are just earrings. I know. Even quite simple ones. But sometimes it doens't need a lot to tell a story :)


  1. I love your stories the best! Both pairs are amazing and it's interesting how the teeniest tiniest little detail can change the feel of something… Awesome, Claire! (now let's see if it actually lets me post this comment….) -- Julie

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