Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

"Hidden beauty" - Earrings

Simple ones again. I have to say even while they are not complicated to create, there are some small often overlooked details that make them just complete (any one seeing the little bronze bead on top for example? Took some time to find the right size, colour and fit ^^). 

What also add for me to their appeal: I was able to use a bead size and form that was -although lovely- difficult for me to use. The first pair I made was with beads I got from one of Rebeccas bead kits (you can find them here "The Curious Bead Shop"). In another kit I got the brown-creme beads with the picasso finish. So my colours, still, so difficult to use... 

The dark red glass beads I got during a fair. There was a big plate with gorgeous glass beads mixed and you could select the ones you liked and pay per weight. I could spend hours looking through stash *sighs*. I had them for some years now due to the size/shape problem. This earring shape is perfect for the beads. Furthermore there is an important aspect why I like this earring design so much (and yes, more important than finally being able to use the beads): They look absolutely lovely on the ears! Something about the long slender shape with the big focused colourful drop enhances most faces. They have movement and visual weight (hope you know what I mean). I was really surprised the first time I saw them worn. 



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